SurveyTracker Plus®

SurveyTracker Plus is responsive to your exact timing and needs, with embedded tools you can use to design effective surveys, deliver them cost-effectively via multiple methods, and easily view results.

Depending on how you want to distribute your survey, we have two SurveyTracker Plus products to suit your needs:

  • SurveyTracker Plus—Supports scannable forms, USB, and kiosk surveys
  • SurveyTracker Plus Email/Web—Supports scannable forms, Web, USB, and kiosk surveys


  • Wizards: Easily create an online or paper survey or report, define a survey style, or distribute surveys
  • Libraries: Save time with pre-developed content such as surveys, questions, images, survey styles, or reports, or create your own
  • Questions: Create and reuse questions and scales


  • Audience List: Send to your entire audience or generate a statistically valid sub-sample of the list
  • Hidden Questions: Reduce survey length and increase reporting options by pre-populating selected questions from linked audience data

Data Collection

  • Scanning: Use integrated Scantron scanners to avoid manual data entry
  • Online Surveys: See responses as soon as forms are submitted
  • Image Clips: Collect hand-written responses from write-in questions on paper forms

Reporting and Analysis

  • Multiple Table and Graph Formats: Choose from many types of tables and graphs that can be customized to suit your needs
  • Advanced Data Filtering: Pinpoint and display the results how you want, including time trends and data comparisons